The handbags of today are now more than just functional pieces where one can keep their money, keys, mobile phones, and other belongings while being out and about. They are now essential parts of an individual's wardrobe, showcasing someone's fashion style and personality. There are so many types and designs to choose from today that it would be so tempting to splurge on these pretty creations. But if you really want to have the essentials, make sure you have these types of bags.       

A chic tote

A tote is classified by having an open top, two shoulder straps, and a square or rectangular shape with a large wide bottom. This is the perfect bag for doing some shopping, going to work, or running errands because you can fit a lot of stuff in it. If you'll be using it for work, it's best to buy a large one so your laptop, tablet, files and papers can fit. A medium one will be good enough to put your makeup, smartphone, and other essentials when you'll be out to shop. Get these in classic colours so you can easily match them with any outfit you'll be wearing for the day. 

A stylish shoulder bag

This is your go-to everyday bag when you won't be needing to bring a lot of stuff. They usually have sleek and sophisticated designs, making them appropriate for office and casual wear. Those in leather or suede are ideal for work days, while those in fabric or canvass are great for summer season or weekends out in the park. 

A classy clutch

For dressier occasions, a clutch should be the bag to tote. Go for pieces that are versatile and timeless so you can easily mix and match with your dresses. You can opt for more casual designs for your midday brunches or your quick trips to the store or coffee shop when you just want something that is easy to grab on the go.

A trusty crossbody bag

This is your alternative to a day clutch bag or shoulder bag for those days when you won't be needing to carry so much stuff but want your hands free. Avoid buying those that are too big so you won't be tempted to stuff too many things in it since you'll be carrying all that weight on your shoulders and back. Besides, the point is you want to have more movement instead of being limited and burdened.  

A versatile overnight bag

A duffel bag may fit all the things you need for a weekend trip, a gym session, or a day out with the kids, but it certainly won't complement your eye-catching outfits. That's why you need a roomy but chic bag that suits your lifestyle and fashion needs.

A quirky/statement/just-because-I-like-it bag

Consider this as your guilty pleasure handbag. You can splurge on a designer brand, buy an eye-catching piece that adds a pop of colour to your LBDs, or a funky-shaped clutch for clubbing.

With these handbags in your wardrobe, you are set to have pieces that are functional, practical, and stylish at the same time.