Full figured women shouldn’t feel like they have to hide behind big and baggy clothes that are boring. There are some great fashion pieces out there that complement and look great on plus sized women.

Here are fashion tips for plus sized women.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight

Clothing that is tight will make you look bigger then what you are and the attention is put on your weight.

Rather buy clothing pieces that fit correctly and don’t worry about what the size label says.

Have a look in the plus sized section for well fitting clothes for your body.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Baggy

Larger women have the tendency to choose oversized clothing in the attempt to hide their body. The truth is that oversized clothing doesn’t hide your body and actually draws attention to it. Find clothes that skim over your body, giving you a clean silhouette. 

Go Darker On The Heavier Bits

Weight can be camouflaged easily with the right use of colour. If you want to show off a part of your body then lighter colours will highlight the area. If you want to make heavier parts look smaller then go for a darker colour.

Keep Details To A Minimum

Details attract attention and if they are placed wrong they make areas look larger. Jeans with details on the back pockets will accentuate your back for instance. The cut is also important and can accentuate or downplay certain parts. Sleeves that end on the thickest part of your arm, for instance, can make them look larger.

Scale Accessories

As a plus sized woman, you will need to go for heavier accessories so that your overall look is in proportion. Statement necklaces have the ability to draw the eye up to your face and away from other parts for instance.

The Right Fabric

It is best to avoid fussy fabrics and prints. Go for clean and classic cuts and designs. This gives you a chic and elegant appearance.

If You Love It, Buy It

If you find a piece that looks great on you then buy it. If it comes in different colours then you can get more than one. This applies to shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses.

Longer Is Better

If you want to hide your belly then go for longer tops as these have the ability to elongate your body and give the illusion of being slimmer.

Which Waist?

As a plus sized woman, you are able to go for high and low waists. Accentuate your curves with a high waist dress that has a slimmer waistline and add a belt for a fun look. A pair of pants on the other hand that sit low on your hips can help you to hide your belly.


V-neck tops look great on plus sized women, which make them a great choice.